Javelin Sprint Series - Cheap(er) sprinting

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Javelin Sprint Series - Cheap(er) sprinting

Postby jeffw » Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:43 am

I've spent the last weekend at Snetterton doing the Toyota Sprint Series (with Nigel Fleming) on the 100 circuit on Saturday and the 300 circuit (!) on Sunday with the Javelin Sprint Series. Both of these events are actually run by the same team from Javelin and the Toyota series has a class X for non-Toyota cars.

The safety requirements are pretty simple, you need a crash helmet which is in good order and long sleeves/trousers. The car has to be safe and has a safety inspection before you can compete. So very similar to a trackday. You need a day license from the IOPD to compete as well.

Saturday it was two laps of the 100 circuit and we got one convoy run, one untimed practise & eight timed runs. This is my fastest run of the day which was the fastest overall and the class winner

Sunday was the 300 and it was raining in the morning. A two lap convoy, one untimed practise and then six timed runs (more would have been available but the rain came back after drying so people didn't bother).

Wet practise
Damp Timed run
(water in the work as far as sound is concerned)

I did a 2min 6 sec on my best dry run and that was 3rd overall and 1st in class.

Lots of different classes on the JSS so something for everyone. Great events with minimal MSA type issues. Recomended.

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Re: Javelin Sprint Series - Cheap(er) sprinting

Postby Gidz » Thu Oct 20, 2016 12:55 pm

I must say the TSS & Javelin do run a great days sprinting - very friendly, very professional whilst still laid back, lots of runs & a good price too.
It's a shame the most local TSS rounds are normally Woodbridge or Snetterton, I'd probably do the championship if they weren't mostly ooop in't north.
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