What motosport have you done in the last month ?

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What motosport have you done in the last month ?

Postby ambulocetus27 » Mon Sep 15, 2014 1:15 pm

An idea for a new reader-interactive section in the Acorn. Please write in and let me know what motorsport activities you have done in the last month (since the last issue of Acorn...) Keep it brief because I am hoping for a deluge of replies ! I am hoping this might encourage other people to give it a go, as it seems to me I only know about a few people directly connected on facebook and there are hundreds of SDMC members doing something out there...

For example;
Alex Peters - Woodbridge sprint - broke a brake disc and span off in practice. Goodwood sprint - Used Levin Lower's BMW and weather tactics to challenge some fast cars before a radiator hose blew spectacularly under full throttle at Fordwater. Brighton Speed Trials - came around fifth (TBC) in a class of about 27, including beating a Lamborghini Aventador who messed up his launch control !
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