The Power Points Club is a new initiative to encourage more club members to participate in the Marshalling and organisation of 7Oaks events. Club motorsport needs this help so it can continue to offer a varied and efficiently run motorsport calendar for its membership.

To recognise the value of helping run 7Oaks events, POWER POINTS will be awarded for marshalling, organising or otherwise assisting on the day of the event .

These points will have a nominal value which can be redeemed as full or partial entry at 7Oaks events e.g. entry to an Autotest, AutoSOLO or even the annual Awards Dinner.

Terms and conditions of the scheme:- 

  • Points will only be awarded to 7Oaks Motor Club members who have offered help at 7Oaks Motor Club organised events.  This includes physical pre-event work such as Crystal Palace tyre strapping, however DOES NOT include pre event administration work.

  • The points have no actual cash value and they can only be redeemed against a 7Oaks Motor Club event entry fee.

  • Initially the reward points have no expiry date, although this may be subject to review.

  • Power Points registration will be via the clubs website (see link below). Points will be verified by reference to the event signing on sheet, which has now been up dated to incorporate more detail.

  • Power Points must be claimed within 21 days following the event.

  • POWER POINTS nominal value: One point = £5 discount from 7Oaks Motor Club organised event entry cost, as described above.

  • POWER POINTS will be awarded at the following rates:-  

    One point per qualifying activity, (marshalling, organising or otherwise assisting on the day's event) to a maximum of one point per event.


Club members are responsible for claiming their points by simply completing the form via the link below within 21 days from the event. If you have no internet access please talk to Paul Hebden who is the Power Points administrator who will arrange an alternative notification arrangement for you.

If you require further clarrification please contact Paul via the Power Points Club email address




Sevenoaks & District Motor Club Limited reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue or terminate all or any part of the Power Points club.

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