ASEMC AutoSOLO Championship

Thu 23 Jul 2020

The ASEMC (Association of South Eastern Motor Clubs)

Everyone involved in club level motor sport will have heard of Motorsport UK (or the MSA as it used to be known). It is the body that governs motorsport in the UK and writes the rules under which motor sport takes place and issues licences allowing people to compete in events.

Not everybody will be aware of the existence of another body, the Association of South Eastern Motor Clubs. This is one of a number of Regional Associations which sit between MSUK and the clubs, and which act as a conduit between the two. They are one of the means by which the feelings of the ordinary club member can be made known to those who control the sport. All clubs are entitled to be members of their Regional Association and to be represented at their quarterly meetings.

To encourage participation in club events, most Regional Associations run Championships in one or more of the motor sport disciplines (Speed, Rally, Autotest etc.)
The ASEMC has for many years run championships in these disciplines, and in the days when ‘proper’ road rallying happened to win the ASEMC Championship was quite an achievement.

In addition to the above mentioned disciplines, the ASEMC will be holding a Championship for AutoSOLO events, to encourage club members to venture away from their immediate locality and sample events in different parts of the region.

As the present season has been disrupted by Covid 19, the Championship will run through what is left of 2020 to the end of 2021.  The Championship will be open to all members of ASEMC member clubs without any need for registration, and will include all MSUK permit Autosolo events held up the end of 2021. There will be no need to claim points, as these will be awarded automatically based on the final results of each event.

The Regulations for the Championship are similar to the Regs for individual events and are available here.

Qualifying events should appear on the ASEMC website calendar as the member clubs events open up again.

Autosolos are great fun, so please do try them if you haven’t already done so

Andy Kilby

Autosolo Championship Co-ordinator


Twitter @SevenoaksMC

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